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01/03/17: Ongoing Standard Solutions Support Information

11/21/16: Important Standard Solutions Information

10/28/16: Cumulative Update Recently Released

01/11/16: 1099-S Year-End Processing Sign-up Deadline


12/17/15: 1099-S Year-End Processing; Holiday Season Schedule

10/28/15: Am I TRID Compliant?; New CD Help & Info

09/15/15: SC Closing Center getting updates for TRID

06/19/15: Enjoy your summer - CFBP delays TRID till October

05/01/15: New Software/Closing Disclosure Solution; Closing Insight

03/02/15: Standard's Closing Disclosure Solution

01/08/15: 2015 IRS 1099-S Posted for Download


12/18/14: Last chance for Year-End Processing; Holiday season schedule

11/25/14: YEP Discount Deadline; Happy Thanksgiving!

11/17/14: 1099-S YEP Sign-up reminder; Malware and backups

11/04/14: Time to get ready for 1099 filing; Updated NH CD-57 forms

10/30/14: Standard Conveyancer for 64-bit; Closing Disclosure Developments

06/30/14: SSI in the NEREJ: Data backup and recovery--Traps for the unwary

04/04/14: The ending of Windows XP support; The 2015 Closing Disclosure

01/09/14: Updates for IRS and SAFE Act requirements


12/17/13: Last chance for Year-End Processing; Year-End Discounts

11/26/13: Discount deadline for 1099-S Year-End Processing

11/18/13: Sign-up reminder for 1099-S YEP; Follow-up on "Ransomware" threat

11/06/13: Time to get ready for 1099 season; New "Ransomware" threat

07/18/13: 64-bit version of Standard Conveyancer under development

02/20/13: IRS 1099-S for 2013 Posted for Download


12/19/12: Last chance to sign up for YEP; QuickBooks Integration 25% off

11/29/12: Discount deadline for YEP; Checkwriting with QuickBooks

11/20/12: Sign-up reminder for 1099-S Year-End Processing

11/08/12: Get ready for 1099 filing season; Specs for New SC Computers

06/01/12: SC Integration with QuickBooks newer versions of Quicken

01/31/12: PCAnywhere Security Risk; New IRS Documents Available


12/15/11: Final Deadline for YEP Sign-up; Avoiding Computer Problems

11/29/11: Dec. 1st YEP Discount Deadline; Importance of File Maintenance

11/21/11: YEP Early Signup Discount Reminder; Holiday Schedule

11/08/11: Getting ready for Tax Season; SC Computer Specifications

08/26/11: Standard Conveyancer Windows 7 & Office Compatibility

06/29/11: Quicken & QuickBooks news; Closing Early July 1st

03/16/11: Mass. Homestead Act Update; First American NH Premiums

02/01/11: January Program Update; Calculating First American Premiums


12/16/10: Final Deadline for YEP Sign-up; Computers Behaving Badly

12/02/10: Discount Deadline for YEP; Restoring Closing Files with Audit Trail

11/19/10: Sign-up Reminder for Year-End Pocessing; Happy Thanksgiving!

11/09/10: Time to get ready for Tax Season; Running File Maintenance

09/02/10: Title Insurance Rate Updates

06/30/10: New Update for 2010 HUD-1 Program; HUD Downloads & Links

02/24/10: 2010 HUD-1 Update; Training Still Available

01/21/10: Standard Conveyancer 2010 Training; 1099 YEP; 2010 1099-S


12/23/09: Standard Conveyancer 2010 Update Posted

12/14/09: YEP Discount Deadline; HUD-1 Update and Training Information

12/07/09: Sign-up Reminder for YEP; RESPA Update News

11/24/09: Getting Ready for Tax Season; RESPA Updates

11/02/09: HUD-1 2010 Update Information

08/08/09: Not the new HUD-1 form yet...

07/01/09: 2009 Program Update for Barnstable County Deed Stamps Increase

04/20/09: RESPA Reform & New HUD-1

01/29/09: 2009 1099-S Forms Available; 2008 Year-End Processing Status

01/20/09: 2009 IRS 1099-S Forms Status; Standard Conveyancer Auto-Updater


12/18/08: Final Deadline for YEP; New RESPA Rule Effective Dates

11/25/08: Discount Deadline for YEP; MS Word Service Pack Reminder

11/17/08: Sign-up Reminder for YEP; HUD Releases New RESPA Rule

11/03/08: Time to Get Ready for Tax Season; Are You Up to Date?

08/15/08: Standard Conveyancer Update Available for Download (10.20.8)

06/26/08: Standard Conveyancer Update Available for Download (10.20.7)

04/18/08: ALTA 2006 Documents; New Mass. Mortgage Broker Rules

02/20/08: Standard HUD & Title Update

01/02/08: Auto-Updater & ALTA 2006 - Follow-Up Information


12/31/07: Download for Auto-Updater & ALTA 2006; System Requirements

12/07/07: YEP Sign-up Deadline; System Requirements for New Documents

11/28/07: YEP Sign-up Reminder; New Mass. Document Standards

11/15/07: Sign up for Year-End Processing; ALTA 06 Forms Update

09/21/07: ALTA 06 Forms Status; New MS Word Service Pack

07/13/07: United General ALTA 06 Forms; FA Mass. Reminder

06/20/07: ALTA 06 Forms and Program Update; FA Mass. Rate Change

06/06/07: ALTA 06 Program Update Status; Installation Requirements

01/31/07: SC Update 10.20.6 (with MA Discharge Docs); MS Word Msgs


12/19/06: YEP Signup Deadline; "Ambiguous Name Detected" Message

11/28/06: Mass. Deed Indexing Standards; YEP Discount Deadline

11/13/06: Time to Sign Up for Year-End Processing; 10.20 Update Disk

10/02/06: New Mortgage Discharge Legislation for Massachusetts

08/04/06: Standard Conveyancer version 10.20 Update Disk

06/30/06: Call for Feedback/Comments; Checkwriting Promotion Extended

05/26/06: SC Accounting/Checkwriting Module; SC Update Disk

03/27/06: Two Document/Program Updates; 1099-S Quick Tip

02/17/06: Your Standard Solutions Connection; MS Word Info Reminder

01/30/06: Printing 1099S Reports; YEP Status

01/13/06: Critical MS Word Information; Help with Software Maintenance