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Microsoft Word Problems & Solutions

Standard's software uses Microsoft Word to generate documents. We maintain compatibility with the latest Microsoft operating systems, Word versions and Service Packs.

Service Packs are bundled program fixes and enhancements. They are available for download at the Microsoft Download Center.

It is vitally important to keep your Word program up to date with the latest Service Packs to ensure system reliability and optimum performance of your Standard Solutions software. To check your MS Word version and service pack (SP) status, click the Help menu, then About Microsoft Word.

Solutions to problems users sometimes have are listed below:

  • Data that you have changed on a merged document changes back when you print: Use the Lock Field button on the Standard Solutions tool bar in Word (Word XP and 2003) or Add-Ins tab (Word 2007-2013)before clicking Print.
  • When trying to save merged documents in Word, the documents appear to save but when you open them later they are blank or contain a blue hyperlink: To save merged documents you must use the Save Merged Documents button on the Add-Ins tab, marked with the yellow "happy face" icon. If you open the documents you have saved to make further changes, use the normal Save button to save your additional changes.
  • You would like to e-mail a HUD-1 or other document: In MS Word, click the File menu, then Send To, then Mail Recipient As Attachment to open an e-mail message in Outlook.
  • Microsoft Word can't merge documents on a new workstation, an old workstation when used under a new log-in name, of if used after a service pack update: Macros are not enabled in MS Word.
  • Microsoft Word gives an Ambiguous Name Detected message when trying to merge documents.
  • Microsoft Word document merges but some data is missing: This can happen in some versions of MS Word if missing the latest service pack. See above for MS Word Service Pack Information.
  • Microsoft Word "Run-time Error" when trying to merge documents: Some versions can only merge about 25 documents at a time. Try merging fewer documents to see if this is the cause.
  • Some versions of MS Word are not fully compatible with some verions of MS Windows. This can cause document merge problems when using a very old version of Word with a newer version of Windows. Please see our Software Specifications and Requirements or call for assistance.
  • Setting up letterhead in Word 2007-2013 (please use only with help from Standard Solutions)