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Additional Products & Services

Regardless of your firm's own unique requirements, Standard Solutions can provide the affordable services you need to seamlessly integrate your software applications into your work environment. We offer the most cost-effective technical solutions for firms ranging from single-PC to multi-site, multi-state practices.

Let us help you get the most from your system, so you can complete your work ever more quickly and easily. And to protect your investment, our software support and maintenance program will provide unlimited telephone support and keep your system up to date software updates and required documents and regulatory compliance.

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Custom Documents

Standard Solutions, Inc. understands that each business has its own unique requirements for the documents they wish to maintain and provide to their clients. Our staff will work with you to define and develop the document customizations that you require.

Whether you require new or updated title policy documents or custom documents to enhance the services that you offer to your clients, our staff of dedicated professionals will get the job done for you cost-effectively.

Custom Reports

Standard Solutions, Inc. realizes that every firm may require a different style or level of reporting on the status of the business. Our software products come complete with ready-to-use standardized reports and in most cases, these reports provide all of the basic information most often requested on a regular basis. However, we can also provide custom management reports that are customized and formatted to meet your own specific requirements.

Remote Desktop Access

Let Standard Solutions help you access to your Standard Conveyancer session that is running on your computer when you are at another computer. For example, you can connect to your work computer from home and have access to all of your applications, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can leave your Standard Solutions programs running at work and when you get home, you can see your desktop at work displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running.

System Tune-up/Optimization

Has your system become sluggish and unstable lately? Is your system displaying errors or are you waiting longer for tasks to complete? This may be a sign that your anti-virus software is set to a less than optimal configuration or perhaps your system has been infected with viruses, spy ware or rogue Windows registry entries that are robbing your system of its true performance.

Our PC performance tune-up can often resolve these problems and increase your system performance back to its original condition or even enhance performance to its true maximum potential. Let our experts help you get the most from your system hardware.

We believe most agents would benefit greatly from a "system tune up and optimization". We review the program features that the agent is using, recommend other features and capabilities that might be helpful to them, and make sure all features in use are set up for optimal client use.

Document Selection Tune-up

Although users are trained in customizing automatic document batches, we usually find that this is not done to each user's best advantage. This is probably the single most beneficial assistance we could give to most clients. We review the client's requirements and complete the document batch set up ourselves to ensure that it is done properly and to maximize efficiency in your office.


Many agents are not making the most of the automation available to handle their accounting functions. This feature has been significantly improved in our latest release and most clients could use training. Clients who do not use the check writing/accounting option could benefit greatly from the purchase of the option for their system. Coverage includes optimal use of the Standard Conveyancer check writing features, use of Quicken software, and automation of the reconciliation requirements under the new Massachusetts rules. A major goal of this service is to help ensure accounting procedures meet title insurance company standards and requirements.

On-line Document Posting

Our Web server-based system "Closing Experience" directly interfaces with Standard Conveyancer and includes a rudimentary document posting capability. Custom enhancements to this feature are available based on specific client and lender requirements.

Business Systems Consulting

This service provides a detailed review of workflow and procedures within the firm (including file management, event tracking, disbursement procedures, policy production and reconciliation) to gain efficiencies and ensure optimal use of people and technology resources.

Database Repair/Reconstruction

Your database has become corrupted either by a hardware malfunction, power problem or other condition. When your database is backed up properly, you can restore it and get back to business fast. But what happens when a valid backup is unavailable for whatever reason? In many cases, our programming staff can reconstruct your database via remote service connection. This process is labor-intensive and requires our programming staff to resolve the problem. This service is provided on a best-effort, emergency basis only and results are generally very good. However, partial data-loss may be unavoidable and manual reentry of client data may be required.

Hardware/Network System Consulting

Regardless of your firm's own unique requirements, Standard Solutions can provide the affordable services you need to seamlessly integrate your software applications into your work environment. We offer the most cost-effective technical solutions for firms ranging from single-PC to multi-site, multi-state practices.

We can help you set up your PCs, printers and routers to get everything networked together correctly. We can integrate your remote and local Windows desktops, printers and document scanners along with your Web server, Internet service and select 3rd party software applications. Get it done right. Get it done fast.

Web Development

Standard Solutions provides expert development of web applications that will make your company's presence on the Internet Web effective. All industries struggle with the concepts of utilizing the Internet to further expand their businesses. Standard Solutions, Inc. is fortunate to have strategic business partners that specialize in creating solutions that are just right for your business.

Whether you are looking to launch your firm's first Web site or are ready to accept your title orders directly into your conveyancing system electronically with real-time status updates for clients to view online 24x7, we can get you there - today.

Custom Development

Whether you need a modification or a custom enhancement, Standard Solutions, Inc. can deliver the functionality you need to run your business. Although we feel our products cover most of the functionality that you might need in your business, we understand that in some cases your uniqueness requires special attention. Standard has a team of professionals with a rapid development methodology to fulfill your needs at very affordable rates.

Data Conversion

Standard Solutions, Inc. realizes that moving to a new software package requires converting your legacy data to our databases and has the capabilities to make it happen. Standard Solutions, Inc. has developed a variety of conversion programs and processes that eliminate the confusing and lengthy conversion cycles that typically accompany data conversion.

The Standard Solutions product line is supported by a SQL Server database that is known for its "openness" and "ease" for accepting data from outside sources.