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Standard Conveyancer Closing Center
Our new SC Closing Center is the premier software solution for title and escrow companies and conveyancing attorneys.

Our system meets the daily needs of thousands of professionals in New England, New York and beyond, including some of the Northeast's largest land title operations. Standard Conveyancer provides an integrated and cost-effective automated work-flow system for document assembly, title plant and search, policy preparation, tracking, scheduling, check writing, escrow accounting and more.

Standard Conveyancer Closing Center™, heir to the venerable Standard Conveyancer, is the SC of the future. Closing Center is our platform for the CFPB's new Closing Disclosure forms. It runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers.

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Closing Center's features allow it to work the way you do:
  • Data entry features combine convenience with flexibility. Tabbed input screens allow for processing of files. Text and numerical data fill automatically as you make selections for the file. The system automatically performs calculations and updates the file with changes.
  • Automated document assembly automatically selects and generates the documents needed for the file based on transaction type, lender requirements, and other factors you choose. Closing documents can be generated singly or in customizable batches as you need them.
  • The optional Accounting/Checkwriting feature lets you automatically generate checks and balance accounts in minutes. Your checks automatically appear in Quicken or QuickBooks, formatted in a manner that allows you to automate your trust accounting.
  • Work-flow automation features allow for increased productivity and greater work capacity while helping to organize and manage your critical information. Office functions are integrated into one user-friendly software solution, replacing highly time-consuming and error-prone manual methods.
  • The system performs all basic functions upon installation, yet can be automated and customized to suit your needs and preferences. Lender profiles eliminate duplication of effort by filling in information and setting rules for calculations. Documents can easily be customized or added to suit your needs.
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